Political Sites

Afghan.us - Federation of Afghan American Associations - Advocating for a democratic Afghan government in America

AfghanGovernment.com - Facts and figures about Afghan government

Women's Organizations:

  • HAWCA -  Based in Pakistan, "HAWCA is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit making organization of the Afghan women and men which is working inside and outside the country aiming to enhance the well-being of Afghan women and children and, hence, empower and encourage women’s participation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and as well as provide the possible opportunity in educational and health for the Afghan children who are the victims of war, immigration and uncertain situation inside and outside the country in the refugee camps."

  • ASAP(Acting in Solidarity with Afghan People) - ASAP is a network of individuals committed to the alleviation of oppression and human rights violations in Afghanistan

  • Help Afghan Women.com - A division of feminist majority organization

  • Women on the road for Afghanistan - A group of women from several countries coming together in Dushenbe (Tajikistan) to set charter of essential rights of Afghan women 

  • RAWA - Revolutionary association of Women of Afghanistan

  • AfghanWomensMission - "The Afghan Women's Mission works closely with RAWA to support long-term health, educational, and awareness raising initiatives for Afghan women and girls."

  • Shuhada Organization - A Paksitan (Quettat) based organization, "Shuhada  is a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan with special emphasis on the empowerment of women and children."

  • WAPHA - Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan - -Formed by Dr. Zieba Shorish-Shamley, it promote awareness of the tragic human rights situation in Afghanistan and to advocate for social, political, economic and civil rights of the Afghan women and girls in that country

  • Women for Afghan Women - "Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a women's collective of Afghan and non-Afghan women from the New York area who are committed to the human rights of Afghan women."

  • Women for women Afghanistan - A Canadian volunteer solidarity group committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan

Communist Sites 
  • Afghan Liberation Organization - "Official site of Afghanistan Liberation Organization (ALO) an organization set up in 1972 struggling for democray and social justice .."
  • AsreJadid - A political publication of Afghanistan communists.


Political Parties  

Spinghar Online - Afghan politics in cartoon format 

Hazara Sites:


  • Institute for Afghan Studies - Informative site on Afghanistan politics, news, personalities with analysis, commentaries and reports.

  • Dr. Nour Ali - Former Commerce Minister presenting the Afghan political and socio-economic issues facing Afghanistan

  • Online Center for Afghan Studies - A well organized site on various aspects of Afghan issues including accords & Treaties, bibliographies, constitutions, Conferences, Drugs, Economy, Flags, Foreign affairs, history, human rights, maps, soviet invasion, terrorism etc.

  • Afghanistan Today - collection of writings by Prof. Gran Toryal

  • Afghanistan Online - Who's who, political groups, discussion forum and cartoons.

  • Liberte Afghanistan - Paris based site involved with politics and human rights in Afghanistan 

  • Taliban the dark page - Netherland based site